While driving home last night from a social event, I was thinking about marriage and that wonderful day when I’ll transition from being single to being that special someone’s helpmeet. Although I am not married yet, I was thinking about how this is going to be a reality for me one day soon. Then I began thinking about how two people become ‘one’ flesh (Genesis 2:24) once they say, “I do” and what I began to picture in my mind was how a sports team operates.

For instance, in the game of lets say…football or basketball, the coach brings the team together to go over certain plays. The coach will assign certain team members who will carry it out in order to score points for the team and ultimately win the game. If these particular team members are not on one accord their is a good chance that they will screw up the play, not score for their team, and possibly lose the game.

It’s the same concept with those who are married. The husband and wife are on the SAME team…or at least they should be. If the “Coach” (God) has given them the instructions for a certain ‘play’ in order for them to be victorious but they are at odds with one another, they’re already losing and not likely to win the ‘game’ due to the distraction of being out of sync with one another. They are not working together but against each other and if they’re ‘one’ then they ought to be working together so that they can ‘score!’ They are not each other’s enemy but again on the same team. The adversary (Satan) is the real enemy because he never wants two people that God has brought together to win but many times we allow him the upper hand by allowing strife, fear and selfishness to come in and disrupt the ‘play’ (this is not only in a marriage but can apply to everyday life as well.)

I’m no expert on marriage but God is and what He was showing me the other night was this: When it’s time for me to come together as one with my future husband that it’s important that we are on and remain on the SAME team; we should not be against each other but we operate as a team and should always do so. I’m trying to learn as much as I can so that I can have a successful marriage and I’m allowing God to show me, in His own way how to do so. From what I’ve heard from my married friends is that it takes work but it doesn’t necessarily have to be hard work in order for it to flourish. So, this says to me that it takes two imperfect people allowing the perfect “Head Coach” to lead and guide them daily for them to WIN and be victorious! I don’t know about you but I want a successful marriage. I’m not in denial in thinking that things will be perfect and that my husband and I will never have difficulty within our marriage. However, what I am saying is that as long as we remember Who’s team we are on, we’ll be just fine.

Shamine Marie