In this season, some of us are pregnant with a baby or perhaps babies that God has placed inside of us. This is called a spiritual pregnancy or spiritual birthing. I wrote a blog post a few months ago about this but now I want to bring attention to the delivery room.
Let me just say that I am currently in a season of birthing and have been for quite some time. It doesn’t feel good and my emotions can be a little out of whack at times too. However, in spite of how I feel I still must deliver what God has placed inside of me and I also want a healthy baby…not a deformed or underdeveloped one. Ok, back to the delivery room.

As I was in worship yesterday morning, the Lord was speaking to my heart about the importance of not having TOO MANY people in the delivery room during the birthing process. Usually when a woman is giving birth, there aren’t 5,6, or 7 people in the room with her. It’s usually only one person that is allowed access.

Usually the person who comes into the delivery room with the pregnant woman is there to bring comfort and reassurance. Their role is NOT to bring more discomfort, fear, worry, doubt or share the latest gossip. Even when the mother-to-be gets frustrated,  screams to the top of her lungs, yells and wants the person who is there to assist her to get out of the room, that person usually understands and doesn’t get offended. They know and see the circumstances and don’t allow these things to deter them from being the HELP that they were assigned to be.

As I stated earlier, I’m currently giving birth and the Great Physician has assigned a person to me to pray with me during this time to help me; ONE person! That’s all I need and quite frankly that’s all I want! I don’t desire to have a team of people around me…not even OUTSIDE the delivery room listening, waiting and making a bunch of noise!
So, if you are currently in the process giving birth as well, please keep in mind that God usually will ASSIGN someone to be in the delivery room with you but not the whole church choir! He doesn’t want a bunch of people making a bunch of noise and causing confusion. So, be obedient. If you INSIST on having a crew around you, don’t blame God when your baby is born but it doesn’t even cry or make a sound because it’s STILLBORN! God knows exactly who to assign to you to hold your hand, coach you, encourage you and pray you through it all. So, stop trying to bring everyone and their Momma into the delivery room with you! They have NOT been ‘cleared’ by the Great Physician to assist you! labor and delivery