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Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by! Whether someone referred you to my website or you happened to “stumble” upon it, I believe that you were meant to be here without coincidence. So, feel free to peruse all the great stuff here and stay as long as you like!

What you can expect from shaminemariemcdowell.com are updates about my first soon-to-be published book (I’m excited), blog posts, interviews, as well as updates concerning speaking and ministry engagements. I thank you so much for being here and I pray that when you leave, you leave encouraged.


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What’s New? 

Did You Know Red Flags Could ‘Talk’?

Recently I posted a Facebook post about ‘red flags’ and how they are used as a warning sign to deter us from dangerous situations. I gave the example of how, while vacationing in Cancun, two men almost drowned while trying to swim in the rough, choppy... read more

The Delivery Room

In this season, some of us are pregnant with a baby or perhaps babies that God has placed inside of us. This is called a spiritual pregnancy or spiritual birthing. I wrote a blog post a few months ago about this but now I want to bring attention to the delivery room.... read more

BOOK RELEASE! I’m Excited!

I’m happy AND excited to announce that my very first book was officially released on April 11, 2014 at the Grow Your Dreams Conference in Virginia Beach- a three-day power packed conference hosted by my bestie Linda Dominique “The Midwife”... read more

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