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Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by! Whether someone referred you to my website or you happened to “stumble” upon it, I believe that you were meant to be here without coincidence. So, feel free to peruse all the great stuff here and stay as long as you like!

What you can expect from shaminemariemcdowell.com are updates about my first soon-to-be published book (I’m excited), blog posts, interviews, as well as updates concerning speaking and ministry engagements. I thank you so much for being here and I pray that when you leave, you leave encouraged.


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What’s New? 

Three Reasons Why I Stopped Having Sex!

I wrote down these three reasons 5 years ago as to why I stopped having sex. I needed to see my thoughts on paper so I jotted them down in what I called my ‘Preparation Journal.’ This was a journal where I would write down my thoughts, things that I... read more

Who’s Team Are You On?

While driving home last night from a social event, I was thinking about marriage and that wonderful day when I’ll transition from being single to being that special someone’s helpmeet. Although I am not married yet, I was thinking about how this is going... read more

Surprise Surprise!

Guess what this month is? Okay, okay…I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now! YES, it is my birthday month and I’m excited! Well…why wouldn’t I be? I’m grateful that God has allowed me to see and LIVE another birthday! Not only am I... read more

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