Labor pains usually signal that it’s time for a mother to give birth. As she prepares to bring her beautiful baby into the world, she feels the contractions and initially they’re not that intense. However, the closer they become, the more intense the pain is. She’s emotional and her hormones are all out of whack. She’s crying one minute and ready to scratch someone’s eyes out the next. She may even get upset with her husband/significant other for getting her pregnant in the first place because all she can think about is the pain that she has to endure and the emotional roller coaster ride that she’s been on for the past nine months. Before she knows it, she’s in the car on her way to the hospital and survives the bumps and dips of the ride. She’s now prepped and ready for the operating room. She’s on the table with her feet in the stirrups and the labor pains are coming twenty times worse than before. She’s excited, scared, frustrated and irritable all at the same time but ultimately she’s ready. She’s in position. The doctor tells her to push and after several of them, the doctor can see the crown of the baby’s head. He tells her to push again but she doesn’t want to. She’s exhausted. She’s irritated and she simply doesn’t want to push anymore. However, she knows she must if she wants to see her baby. She must push if she doesn’t want complications to occur from the baby being in the birth canal too long.

The same symptoms and feelings can occur when giving birth in the spiritual realm. The crying, the frustration and everything in between happens when you are carrying and ready to give birth to the baby that God impregnated you with. Initially you were excited and overjoyed when you found out that you were “pregnant.” However, the joy seems to have faded away. You must now get into position (whatever God tells you to do and wherever He tells you to go). You may be uncomfortable and more than likely you may feel extremely vulnerable but in order to give birth to what God has placed inside of you, you must be in the proper place and position so that the baby won’t be stillborn. You also have to make sure that you have the right person/people in the delivery room with you to support you. What a shame and a tragedy it would be for you to carry your baby only to have it die during the birthing process. I’m currently experiencing a birth myself. It doesn’t feel good and I simply want to be done with it! I’m extremely irritable and I’m crying at every turn.

Initially I didn’t know what the heck was going on with me until God revealed to me that I was birthing. My baby is a book that I’ve just written and I thought the birthing process was over-how wrong I was! The book still has to be published so that it can do what it’s purposed to do and that is to help and empower other women. A good friend told me the other day…and I quote: “Do you know how many people write books but NEVER do anything with them?” In other words, the writing of my book is just part of the birthing process. It will not be complete until it is published and into the hands of those that God has purposed to read it. So, I must get into position and push! I can’t give up…and I won’t! So, I want to encourage you and let you know that you’re not alone; you’re almost there. I know you may be afraid and you don’t know what to expect but just know that after going through labor and giving birth, you will reap your harvest and your baby will bring you great joy! Just stay close to God and only to those that He’s allowed into the delivery room to help you!