Leaving our past behind may seem difficult to do. Our struggles and difficulties that are before us stare us down as if we stole something from them. What’s ahead of us may seem and look discouraging but we have great joy, victory and the promises of God waiting for us on the other side of what we currently see.

There will be circumstances that will try to prevent us from crossing over. It could be fear, jealousy, envy, strife, discouragement, wrong thinking. It could be the fear of success and achievement that may keep us from making the move that will eventually benefit us in the long run. However, God is well able to get us to the other side. He’s well able to help us “cross over.”

A crossing guard helps children cross the street because of the morning and afternoon rush hour traffic. You don’t see many crossing guards at high schools. You may find them mostly at elementary and middle schools. Why? Well, young people in high schools are looked at as being somewhat more mature and it’s assumed that they don’t need any help crossing the street; whereas those who are much younger are looked at as being immature or inexperienced.

Some of us, like those children in elementary and middle school, need help to get to the other side. We need God to help us cross our “Red Sea” on dry land. We need Him to get us to our “Promised Land”; whatever that Promised Land is. It may be a new job, career, relocating to a new city or state, etc. Whatever it is, we need help to get there and God is our help!

Who or what is YOUR “Pharaoh?” Who or what is pursuing you and trying to recapture you after you’ve made the decision to leave and escape from whatever your slavery is/was? Is it a person, place or thing? Also, who has God placed in your life to help you escape your Pharaoh? Who is your “MOSES”? Who has God raised up and assigned to you to help you escape from Egypt? Have you complained to your “Moses” because it you feel like they are leading you to a place that seems like it’s worse than Egypt?

In the Exodus 31, the word says that Israel saw the great work which the Lord did concerning the Egyptians and that the Israelites feared the Lord, believed the Lord and his servant Moses. The Israelites were able to believe God as well as Moses because they had just seen with their own eyes the great thing the Lord had just done for them. The scripture says they believed the Lord. They had evidence that God could and would deliver them. They believed that He was well able to do it! This was the first phase.

After spending hundreds of years in bondage, God raises up a man (Moses) to lead His people out of the land of Egypt, helps them cross the Red Sea (they crossed over in spite of their fear) on dry ground and then kills the Egyptians right in front of the Israelites. Again, they had the evidence and they made it to the other side. The second phase was this; once they got to the other side, they began COMPLAINING. Where they had just come from (Egypt) began to look better than where they had arrived. What was FAMILIAR began to overshadow where they were and where they were going. However, they had to first look past the fear and gain enough faith to cross over and Moses was assigned to help them. I’ll leave you with these two questions: Are you ready to cross over? If so, who’s helping you?


Shamine Marie