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Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by! Whether someone referred you to my website or you happened to “stumble” upon it, I believe that you were meant to be here without coincidence. So, feel free to peruse all the great stuff here and stay as long as you like!

What you can expect from shaminemariemcdowell.com are updates about my first soon-to-be published book (I’m excited), blog posts, interviews, as well as updates concerning speaking and ministry engagements. I thank you so much for being here and I pray that when you leave, you leave encouraged.


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What’s New? 

Are You Prepared To Cross Over?

Leaving our past behind may seem difficult to do. Our struggles and difficulties that are before us stare us down as if we stole something from them. What’s ahead of us may seem and look discouraging but we have great joy, victory and the promises of God waiting for... read more

The Gray Matter Show

My book, “My Journey from Perverseness to Purity has really been a blessing to so many women! I am grateful that people are being so encouraged from my testimony. God is awesome! Two months ago I was asked to be a guest on Apostle Norma Gray’s show... read more

Do Not Be Deceived

A friend and I were having a discussion earlier today about Adam and Eve and it reminded me of a day back in October when I was at the park having my personal bible study time. I was reading the story about these two in Genesis as I’ve done several times in the... read more

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